Microbe Detection Service

OCE is a leading microbe detection service company in Western Australia.  The purpose of cleaning is to create a safe and hygienic environment – and it is accepted that a visually clean appearance is a poor indicator of hygienic cleaning.  Cleaning is more than the removal of micro-organisms. It should include removing surface contaminants which create mould, odours, stains, slime and pathogen contamination.

OCE provides a rapid hygiene testing and reporting service.  Swab results are known within 10 minutes of testing and detailed information is provided by our mobile hand held laboratory with 7 hours. 

"Visual assessment is a poor indication of cleaning efficiency."
(Rifhat et al., American Journal of Infection Control 2003; 31; 181)

  • Where many people are in contact with each other – like office, hospitals, schools and public areas - there is a higher risk of contaminant transference.
  • Either directly – through handshakes, coughing and sneezing in the vicinity.
  • Or indirectly – through door handles, basin taps, toilet seats, keyboards, telephones, kitchen surfaces, crockery, tea towels, desks, door push plates, elevator buttons and so on.
  • Flushing the lavatory without the seat down creates ‘toilet sneeze’, releasing bacteria into the air which settle on surfaces


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